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Top Squat Top Squat
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"All of my trainees found the Top Squat very easy to use, convenient and comfortable, even while using weights in excess of four hundred pounds.   The handles made control of the bar a non-issue.  For those with shoulder problems and an inability to externally rotate the arm, the Top Squat is an extremely useful piece of equipment." Dr. Ken Leistner

The Top Squat was developed for the athlete who loves to squat, realizes the important role it plays in strength and muscle building and would like an alternative method for holding the bar in place across the back.  Shoulder problems are no rarity among athletes, especially strength and muscle-building athletes, and securing the bar with outstretched arms can be distressing if not impossible.  The Dave Draper Top Squat is a powerful apparatus which positions a pair of rugged handles sensibly in front of the shoulders for comfort, safety and control.

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