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The Kennedy System The Kennedy System
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After years of developing, testing, and producing real people results at all levels from; professional sports, collegiate athletes, student athletes, celebrities, mothers, fathers and everyone in between, Dr. Paul Kennedy has produced a library of information on this 4 disk DVD set.

  • This is not your get healthy quick trick designed to pick your pocket.
  • This is not the multiple hour muscle bound work that promises youll be the next hulk.
  • This isnt even the next equipment, or diet, or routine that promises to change your life by buying a product.

What you will receive:

DVD 1: Introductions, Basic Training Techniques, Cardiovascular Training

DVD 2: The Quick Set System, Training the Chest and Back

DVD 3: Training the Shoulders, Hips and Legs

DVD 4: Training the Abdominals and Arms, Partner and Solo Training

Also includes segments on:

  • The Original Ultimate Smoothie
  • Nutritional Meal Preparation

"This is the best DVD series I have ever seen on physical fitness...Dr. Paul Kennedy clearly and correctly presents a successful system of exercise for achieving muscular and cardiovascular conditioning." Dr. Wayne Westcott, Author, Nationally and Internationally Recognized Fitness Lecturer and Researcher

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