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Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness
By Matt Brzycki & Fred Fornicola
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Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness is not your conventional how-to book that you'd usually find in any bookstore or Internet site. With an emphasis on safety, this book thoroughly covers all aspects of proper strength training while simultaneously debunking certain myths and misconceptions such as explosive training and sport-specific training.  The book shows how to perform nearly 50 exercises with dumbbells in a safe and effective manner.

Read what Ken Mannie, head strength and conditioning coach for Michigan State University had to say:

In Dumbbell Training for Strength and Fitness, Matt Brzycki and Fred Fornicola have sifted through the ashes created by the raging firestorm of "free weights vs. machines" to present an extremely well-written, informative, and superbly formatted text on the tried and true art of dumbbell training. Trainees of all ages and aficionados of all training modes are aware of the prolific benefits and advantages provided by dumbbells, and no one needs to search any further for a better resource on exercise techniques, routines, and overload strategies.

From the book's initial chapter--which includes the genesis and a brief historical perspective of dumbbell training--through its descriptions, clear technique photos, and helpful training tips, Brzycki (Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness, Princeton University), and Fornicola (Premiere Personal Fitness, Asbury Park, NJ), have neatly packaged all the information you need for safe, efficient, and highly-productive dumbbell training.

Whether you're training at home, in the gym, or on the road, keep this book nearby and prepare for some excellent results!

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