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High Performance Training

Back in early 1999, I was introduced to a very exciting and informative newsletter called HARD TRAINING. It was chock-full of valuable information from some of the top strength and conditioning coaches around the country. I, like many others who valued the information on those pages, kept every issue to use as a resource as well as inspiration. I often flipped through those old issues, picking up new bits of information every time I read them, thoughts that have guided me to mature as a trainee and coach.

In June, 2004 I decided to publish my own newsletter that would provide quality information on safe, efficient and effective training and so I developed what was known as the:


HPT became a publication that was full of great information, covering a number of aspects of training and fitness for both trainee and coach. Much of that information was pertinent to competitive and recreational athletes, as well as those in the private sector. After a couple years in production, I shut down the newsletter due to time constraints, but have recently revived all 12 issues thats 98 articles, 201 pages of in-depth strength training information in one giant e-book for only $18.00!

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The High Performance Training Newsletter picked up where the Hard Training (nee High Intensity Training) Newsletter left off. Lots of great info and an excellent addition to the shelves of your fitness library.
Matt Brzycki
Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness>
Princeton University

A few years ago Fred and I were talking about the need for a good all around periodical about hard, safe, training. We both liked Dr. Kens Hard Training Newsletter but that was no longer in circulation and there was nothing around to take over spreading the word. We talked it over several times and Fred decided to do his own version. This became the High Performance Training Newsletter. I happen to think it was a darn good newsletter with articles from the best in the field. Fred is now going to make the whole thing available again in an e-book format. I very much recommend it, and will enjoy reading these timeless articles again. Get your copy!
Jim Bryan