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Premiere Personal Fitness Clients

I have been training with Fred at Premiere Personal Fitness for over 3 years.  I have a busy work schedule and am only able to work out once a week.  However, I have been able to make significant progress towards my fitness goals at the direction of Fred.  Fred takes the time to ask questions about my short term and long term goals and follows through with training programs that meet these goals.  At the same time, he is able to vary the training sessions which makes each session interesting and new.  If you are interested in improving your strength, endurance, achieving tone, gaining muscle or whatever your ultimate fitness goal isI would recommend starting with a session at Premiere Personal Fitness.
- Jason Woods

I am pleased to provide my testimonial in support of your skills as a trainer and talent as a coach.  My whole outlook on fitness training has been changed by you; your technique of emotional support in combination with the physical/cardio workout allows my whole body and mind to be involved in attaining my fitness goal.  Your steadfast support has enabled me to reach previously unattainable levels of overall physical and mental health; including reaching my third weight loss goal since I started my training sessions with you, receiving sound nutritional advice, and learning new stress reduction techniques.  Patience, flexibility, and stern commitment to the purpose of the workout session are great qualities you have as a fitness trainer and coach.  To have these qualities AND the ability to make your clients believe there is no limit to their goals, is a gift.  Even though I am still a work in progress, let me take this opportunity to say Thanks" for helping me to believe I could look and feel fabulous (at my age)!!
- Susannah P.

"Fred Fornicola is a training innovator and writer in an industry full of restricted thinking.  He has listened, viewed, tried, and assimilated just about everything the world of exercise has put forth over the decades.  His voice is one of the few that keeps peoples attention."
- Randy Roach, Author of Muscle, Smoke and Mirrors

Training with Fred has made a vast difference in my life.  In the beginning, I only went every 6-8 weeks since I live 45-50 minutes away.  Yet even in those short few times, I was able to gain enough strength to start running longer than a few steps.  Due to my asthma, this is something I never thought would be possible.  Over time I was able to gain more capacity in my lungs which then prompted me to take on new challenges like a triathlon and half marathon.  It was at this time, I began to train on a weekly basis.  Strength training with Fred helped make me stronger and remain injury free.  To this day, I continue to see Fred once a week.  It has not only helped me accomplish several great feats but I have gained lean muscle mass as well be better able to lift and care for my elderly grandmother.  Furthermore, Fred's personal attention to his clients keeps me coming back for more.  He is well worth the drive and investment to my personal well-being.
- Tara Paccillo, Owner
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In my mid 50s, the last thing I want to do is spend hours in a gym just trying to fight what time is doing to my body.  Freds claim that all I need is 20-30 minutes three times a week was intriguing and much to my surprise it only took a month to convince me he was absolutely right.  Now, after nine months of Freds intense, efficient and creative workouts I am in the best overall condition of my life.  And the last thing I want to do is MISS my scheduled workout.  If youre up for using your time wisely and working with someone who will motivate you to make real progress in improving your overall fitness, give Fred a call.
James A. Nappi, Attorney

"Fred's focused and intense training sessions have helped me to make remarkable gains in my strength and overall fitness.  Because of my positive experience training with Fred, I felt that he was the right person to train my players."
- Donna DeNoble, Phys Ed. Instructor & Ocean Twp. Field Hockey Coach

Having been a client of Fred Fornicola's for almost six years now speaks volumes about the kind of teacher that Fred is to his clients.  His approach is grounded in a very comprehensive approach to good health, fitness, and mental well-being.  I appreciate and respect the dedication, discipline, and life lessons which he has shared with me over the years.  He has helped me incorporate an ongoing fitness philosophy into my life.  While I may not be his best client in terms of adhering to the discipline, I know that, without Fred's support, guidance, and commitment, the goal of attaining true fitness both in mind and body would be much farther out of my grasp.
- Darryl Hughes, Neptune, NJ

"Fred's goal is to make every workout as productive as possible to help you attain your goals.  His training style is not to merely count reps or make you work up a good sweat; but to educate and motivate so that you, the trainee, will understand what fitness is and how to incorporate it for the rest of your life."
- Douglas Scott, Strength & Conditioning Coach, The Pingry School

"I was 60 years old when I started training with Fred Fornicola.  Over the years I have sustained many injuries and have had many surgical procedures which have limited my abilities to be as limber as I would like to be.  Fred has worked on a program that has helped me to become both physically stronger and more flexible than I have been in years without causing any agitation to past injuries.  He is a very bright and articulate person with a very good working knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and in combination with a training program I have found to be very beneficial."
- Rudy Valentino, Antiquarian

I can, without reservation recommend Fred's personal training services to assist you in realizing your physical potential.
- Matt Brzycki, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness, Princeton University

Fred Fornicola is an excellent personal trainer.  I have been training with Fred once or twice a week for the past year and a half.  In this time, I have increased my strength and overall physical fitness.  Fred not only teaches you how to properly perform correct repetitions and posture, but also discusses various ways to eat healthy and keep your body fit.  Fred has showed me that it takes dedication and determination to get to that next level and truly challenge your body and mind to improve in your workouts.  I look forward to training with Fred every week.
- Joey DelPizzo

"My daughter, Kathleen, improved her strength and agility tremendously through her workouts at Premiere Fitness with Fred Fornicola.  Her training program also improved her knowledge of proper nutrition and her confidence and self-esteem and prepared her to compete on a Division-1 level on the Rutgers University Field Hockey Team.  I highly recommend this excellent program."
- Dorothy Rodziewicz

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