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“I can, without reservation recommend Fred's personal training services to assist you in realizing your physical potential.” - Matt Brzycki, Coordinator of Recreational Fitness and Wellness Programs at Princeton University

"Let’s see... I am 23 years old; I have always disliked working out or exerting physical activity unless it includes lying on the beach. I have scoliosis. The curve in my spine is 30 degrees. Before I started training with Fred, I would wake up stiff as a board. I would roll out of bed and not be able to sit or bend down for about the first hour I woke up. I had chronic headaches since the age of 12. Most days I had shooting pains down my right leg, in my lower lumbar and in my shoulders. My mom (who is a chiropractor and acupuncturist) got sick of me complaining and decided to trick me into going to see Fred. Within the first 2 weeks of training with Fred, my headaches dissipated. I started waking up in the morning with no pain. Not to mention that I had more energy and mentally felt better. So thanks to Fred and the motivation I have gained to continue training my quality of life has improved dramatically." - Erica C.

"As a person who had never had any previous strength and cardiovascular training and rarely ever worked out at all, I have found that I have benefited greatly from the personal instruction and training protocol that I have received over the past several months from Fred Fornicola of Premiere Personal Fitness." - Tom Haege, Fire Inspector/Volunteer Fire Fighter Township of Ocean District 2

"Fred's focused and intense training sessions have helped me to make remarkable gains in my strength and overall fitness. Because of my positive experience training with Fred, I felt that he was the right person to train my players." - Donna D., Phys Ed. Instructor & Ocean Twp. Field Hockey Coach

"I have been working with Fred since March, and my association with him has been extremely beneficial for me. His approach has not only transformed my body's outward appearance, but my overall quality of life along with it. His techniques have allowed me to build lean muscle mass, trim fat, and possess more endurance for the things I need to tackle in my everyday life. He has done this by applying a mix of interesting and innovative techniques, combined with an infectious enthusiasm that inspires me to work hard, even on those days when I think I can't. I strongly recommend working with Fred to help achieve your fitness goals along with the life goals that will become more attainable as a result of your improved health." - Rob F.

"Working with Fred has given me a new found direction in my personal health; what a tremendous improvement I feel every day of my life. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't work with him twice a week - probably some fat couch potato!" - Lori T.

"I had no idea what i was capable of doing before I started working out with Fred. He gave me the extra push I needed to get myself motivated. From being someone who rarely or did not want to work out I am now someone who looks forward to training not only my body, but it clears my mind too." - Dina P., 15 Year Old High School Student

"Fred, I just wanted to say that your philosophy towards training has changed the way I work out, and taught me how to get more quality out of less quantity. People really need what you have to offer, and I would recommend anyone to your services." - Darryl Hughes, Business Executive

"Fred's goal is to make every workout as productive as possible to help you attain your goals. His training style is not to merely count reps or make you “work up a good sweat”; but to educate and motivate so that you, the trainee, will understand what fitness is and how to incorporate it for the rest of your life." - Douglas Scott, Strength & Conditioning Coach, The Pingry School

"I was 60 years old when I started training with Fred Fornicola. Over the years I have sustained many injuries and have had many surgical procedures which have limited my abilities to be a limber as I would like to be. Fred has worked on a program that has helped me to become both physically stronger and more flexible than I have been in years without causing any agitation to past injuries. He is a very bright and articulate person with a very good working knowledge of anatomy and nutrition and in combination with a training program I have found to be very beneficial." - Rudy V.