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Mission Statement

Elevating the well-being of humanity by strengthening the body, mind, and spirit

At Premiere Personal Fitness, we focus on health and fitness for all levels.  Whether you are just starting an exercise program, rehabilitating an injury, an elite athlete or anything in between, we focus on personalizing a program just for you.  Our private, 1,000 square foot facility is outfitted with some of the finest equipment in the industry such as Hammer Strength, Nautilus, Pendulum Fitness, Marpo Kinetics and Concept 2.  We also have dumbbells, barbells and other tools of the trade to help you achieve your goals.

Our concept is simple: we utilize a high level of effort in our training sessions and provide a Safe, Efficient and Effective means to help you improve your strength and endurance.  More importantly, each and every workout is personally supervised in our private training facility by Fitness Professional, Fred Fornicola.

Along with our well-equipped facility, we offer a clean, energetic and friendly environment that is conducive to making your fitness experience a productive and enjoyable one.  Improving health and fitness is not only about the body, but the mind and spirit as well, and at Premiere Personal Fitness, we focus on the total package.


Because we believe in getting the most out of each and every training session, we adhere to these recommended guidelines:

  • We perform full-body workouts, two or three times per week
  • We use a high level of effort on all our exercises
  • We perform exercises that utilize all the major muscle groups
  • We raise and lower the resistance using the muscles greatest range of motion
  • We perform each repetition in a very controlled manner so our muscles move the weight not momentum
  • We move quickly (60 seconds or less) between each exercise to achieve a cardiovascular benefit
  • We never exceed more than 30 minutes for our training sessions
  • We strive to work hard during each and every workout
  • We dont dwell on our performance we train and move on with our lives


We feel very confident that our approach to health and fitness can have many positive effects on you as an individual such as:

  • Building lean muscle and decreasing body fat
  • Improving stamina and energy
  • Enhancing self-esteem and confidence
  • Creating flexibility and functionality
  • Increasing strength and cardiovascular fitness
  • Developing an overall sense of well-being

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